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 "Some people dream of being something; others stay awake and are." - Anonymous 


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At an early age Markelle Grabo took to reading, spending countless hours devouring book after book. In fifth grade, she decided that she wanted to be like the authors she favored. She wanted to tell her own stories. An avid lover of fantasy, she typed out idea after idea, however, nothing was substantial enough to call a novel. On Easter morning of her freshman year in high school, she looked back on an old idea for a story about a girl who didn't know she was an elf and had to travel to a magical world in order to learn her destiny. She took those few pages of writing and reworked them, continuing thereafter until it became her first full-length manuscript. A year later, when she was satisfied with her work, she sent it to an editor. After rereading and editing it so many times she lost count, Journey into the Realm: The Elf Girl (the first in a six-book series) was ready for publication.

Markelle is currently a senior attending Loyola University Chicago and majoring in English with a minor in Communication Studies. When not at school, she lives in her hometown of New Berlin, Wisconsin with her parents, her two cats, and her rabbit. She has published four novels in the Journey into the Realm Series The Elf Girl, The Spell Master, The Stolen Child, and The Dream Catcher . 

And yes, she definitely believes in fairies. 


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